Built with Dolphin

Built with Dolphin

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I started to understand that a lot of people are using and enjoying Dolphin - so I decided to put a list here of products or projects that use Dolphin. If you would like to be listed here please reach out to me and I'll add you!



I am part of a staff team that runs a Discord server for those struggling with addiction. We have a few docments that we've created over the years, which compile healthy strategies and coping mechanisms for addicts. But, these documents have grown unwieldy over the years, and sometimes its easier just say what your issue is and get some advice on what you can do better. So, we created HopeBot—named after Hope, one of our staff members. HopeBot was taught about addiction in general, and even about our particular server, so that members can ask a question to HopeBot and get a relevant, thoughtful response. We've only had HopeBot around for about a week, and we've already gotten so much positive feedback .... I am truly grateful to Eric for his work on Dolphin, and so are our members. Thank you!!

Recovery Staff Team